A custom designed Star Wars mobile for my nephew, featuring the AMT-Ertl Death Star and eight smaller Bandai Star Wars kits.

See the full Death Star Mobile Build Log here!

The idea for the project came from my brother-in-law; a fellow Star Wars geek, he thought a mobile with the Death Star in the middle and a bunch of other Star Wars ships around it would be a really cool addition to the baby’s room. Obviously I agreed!

The famously terrible AMT Death Star is the centrepiece of the mobile, and took the most time to complete. The small Bandai kits were a breeze to work with. The mobile itself came from Amazon and the pieces are held together with brass rods.

  • Project Type: Plastic model
  • Brand: Star Wars
  • Kit used: AMT-Ertl Death Star (2005); too many Bandai Star Wars kits to name
  • Project Year: 2020