Josh Kern of Josh Kern Models

Hi! I’m Josh Kern, and I’ve been building scale models since I was a teenager. Mostly, I build Star Wars spaceships and vehicles, and the occasional Star Trek ship as well, although I’ve built cars, planes and boats in the past, and I dabble in the occasional wargaming miniature as well.

I didn’t build much in my twenties or early thirties, but in the past few years it’s become a regular hobby again, and I’ve refined my skills and taken on more and more ambitious projects.

On the Projects page you can find completed builds, and you can check out the Blog for current projects and build logs of past projects.

You’ll note that I don’t have comprehensive build logs or photos of older projects. That’s because this hobby was something I just did for me, it wasn’t something I ever intended to share with the outside world. But, after I did my first commission piece, the Death Star Mobile, and shared some details of the build with family and friends, the response I got made me think maybe this is something I can share with others! So here we are. My goal is to get better at taking photos and sharing my works in progress.

I do take commissions, so if you’re interested in a model (or you just have a general question or want to connect), you can contact me here.